Podcasting with Word Press and the PowerPress Plugin

Over the years I’ve collected loads of recorded interviews but never really had an outlet for sharing them. Podcasts changed that. Knowing some WordPress basics gave me an advantage as far as executing a vision and having maximum control over my creative work. Of course I didn’t know how this would eventually serve my goals when I first decided to learn WordPress. I was just trying to help a client find something a little more robust than Google Sites without bogging down the modest nonprofit with technical challenges. WordPress seemed to be the answer. It turns out that I was really preparing myself for my own dream.

While there are multiple ways to get a podcast started, WordPress gave me some options. I felt super lucky that I knew something about it once I decided to start podcasting.

In these few pages, I share some of my experience so far as a new podcaster and as what I call a “basic user” of WordPress. I would suggest looking at these pages in order. You’ll see them listed under Podcasting with WordPress in the menu on the right. But of course, do as you like.

If you have any questions, suggestions or corrections you’re welcome to contact me.


Podcasting with WordPress and the PowerPress Plugin Overview

Reading vs. Listening

What the recorded voice can tell us.

Telling Stories

Recording stories and finding an interview format that worked for me.

Equipment and Software

People usually want to know about equipment. While not an expert, I tell you what I use and what others have mentioned.

Sample WordPress Sites

What should you promote? Your site or your iTunes listing?

Web Hosts & Media Hosts

What are they?

Publishing a Podcast Episode

It’s as easy as making a WordPress blog post. It is a blog post!

RSS Feeds

This is partly how I’ve gotten my head around RSS feeds. I started with looking at the built-in RSS feeds of WordPress, applied them to podcasts and then ended up at a better understanding of how the PowerPress plugin creates a dedicated podcast RSS feed that will comply with the requirements of the various podcast directories. It’s a roundabout way of getting there, but it worked for me.

Setting up PowerPress

A few tips and links to Blubrry’s excellent tutorials.

Getting Your Podcast Listed in Directories

Now that you have a podcast, tell people about it.

Make Subscribing Easy

Some nice features of the PowerPress plugin help you put your podcast forward on your website.

PowerPress Short Code Examples

I love the way a basic WordPress user like me can make use of plugins and shortcodes to do some cool stuff that would have otherwise been inaccessible.

ID3 Tags

Some links to things you need to know about podcast ID3 tags.

Beyond PowerPress


A link to free software that I used.

Recording and Producing a Podcast

I don’t cover this here. But there are links to some software tutorials on the page about equipment.