What have you learned from watching a YouTube video?

This produced some interesting responses from 50 people or so. Most could answer the question. But there were definitely a few who were “readers” and wanted nothing to do with a video on how to boil eggs. Themes come through. Home and car repair and cooking are some examples. I was charmed by the way people often laughed as they responded. What’s so funny about using salt to clean a cast iron skillet? You also hear pride in some voices. Saving money on a dryer repair or fixing a bicycle is a real accomplishment. I just love that! There’s also something revealing – I think – about someone who learns how to make pretzels just for the challenge of it. At a WordCamp conference where many of the recordings were made, a few people asked, “Why this question?” It’s an attempt to spark a conversation, as is the case with every question I ask for the QuOTeD podcast. In this case, I think it works. How else would I have known that this person I met at a tech conference has a passion for making giant bubbles? And let’s face it. Wouldn’t you rather talk about that than the weather?

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  • Brian Harmon
  • WordCamp Minneapolis 2017 – The majority of the respondents were WordCamp attendees, speakers, organizers and other volunteers.

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