ID3 Tags

ID3 tags carry information about your media file, such as the name of the artist and cover art.

  • You can add these tags to your MP3 file using iTunes. I learned about doing this by watching this YouTube video by Pat Flynn. There are easier ways to do this now.
  • “If you are using Blubrry Podcast Media hosting with PowerPress, you can setup automatic tagging, this will write your tags to your MP3s based on the data you’ve already entered into PowerPress settings and your blog post/podcast episode.” Other media hosts likely have a similar option.
  • Read more about ID3 tags over at Blubrry.
  • After hearing ID3 tags are no longer needed, I did some checking. The most current thing I could find was this article that was updated January 22, 2018. While you can get by without worrying about this detail, it appears that ID3 tags still may have a purpose. This Blubrry article was also useful.