What’s going on here in Chicago?

Can we recognize a city by its sound, sort of like recognizing the sound of a mother’s voice? This is one day in Chicago after the 2016 Podcast Movement conference.

Sometimes Chicago sounded like a casino. Other times a war zone with its relentless wailing of sirens and the whirring of helicopters that hovered almost within reach of the crowds at Millennium Park. Black Lives Matter is trying to get our attention.

Sometimes Chicago sounded like a carnival. Sometimes a church. Mixed in there were the street musicians playing for change, reminding me of the time I got lost in Brussels looking for the Sleep Well. This is not Saint Paul or Minneapolis. It makes me wonder if a person would be able to identify their hometown based on a recording, sort of like the sound of a mother’s voice.

People talk and I record them. This is not Chicago any more than the pictures I saw people taking of the Trump Tower would epitomize the city. It’s just a snapshot of a particular time and place. I wish I could have done more. I missed a lot, even the rumbling of the “L” from overhead. I’d like to go back.

Thank you…

  • Greg, our mailman and a fellow Red Sox fan.
  • Cory Mottaz, On Air Personality/Voice Talent.
  • Autumn Day Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
    Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0


In the name of free association, coincidence and curiosity here are some show links.

Trump Building in Chicago
We saw a lot of tourists taking this shot.
  • Ross, Max. (2016, July 16). A family undergoes renovations at Walker Art Center. Star Tribune. Retrieved from http://www.startribune.com/
    Taking pictures of people taking pictures of art takes Brian’s observation to a new level.
  • I’m uncomfortable with how comfortable we are with our growing preference for the company of robots over people. I wish everyone would read this book.
Our mailbox

Baseball came up a lot…

Because Mr. Brook wanted to talk about the Chicago Bulls…

I pull out what little I know, which is that the Timberwolve’s (my team) recently hired Tom Thibodeau who won nearly 65 percent of his games in five seasons with the Bulls. But then Brook changed the subject…

Mentioned in the conversation with the protester at the Taste of Chicago at Millennium Park…

The TV screens that plastered the walls of the hotel restaurant flashed from one crime scene to another. Baton Rouge. Saint Paul and eventually Dallas.

In the meantime, a group of Black Hebrew Israelites were preaching…

After a brief encounter, I wondered who their audience was.

I do not have nor want a smart phone and other reasons I’m concerned about the disappearance of taxis…

When my neighbor showed me his Uber app and raved about how great the service is, it’s hard to argue with the genius of the idea that connects drivers to those needing a lift. Yet I’m not convinced that we have thought this through.

Related to the conversation about Dr. Seuss, the artist and sculptor…

A great dinner experience on Michigan Avenue in Chicago

  • Bandera – We count on an exceptional meal at some point in our travels. The last time we were in Chicago it was a place in Chinatown. This time it was Bandera. Wow!
Also suggested Chicago dinner spots were…
A view from our hotel room.