2 thoughts on “A Man and Two Wagons Waiting on the Sidewalk”

  1. My mother said if I’d be good, she’d send me to the store.
    She said she’d make some gingerbread, if I would sweep the floor.
    She said if I would make the bed and watch the telephone,
    that she would send me out to get a chocolate ice cream cone.

    and so I did, the things she said,
    and then she made me some gingerbread.

    and I went out, just me alone, to get a chocolate ice cream cone.

    While coming back, I stubbed my toe, upon a big old stone.
    and then I dropped my chocolate ice cream cone.
    A little doggie came along and took a great big lick,
    and then I hit that mean old dog, with just a little stick.

    And he bit me, where I sit down,
    and then he chased me, all over town.

    And now I’m lost, can’t find my home.
    and all because of the chocolate ice cream cone.

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