30 Episodes in 30 Days

National Podcast Post Month

National Podcast Post Month (NaPodPoMo) is a challenge to podcasters to post 30 episodes in 30 days. Here are the daily episodes I posted in November 2017. In most of these episodes I share clips from some the old cassette tapes that I’ve been lugging around for years. This project gave me the right level of motivation to start digitizing and logging these tapes.

Moving According to Voicemail – NaPodPoMo-028

A continuation of episode #NaPodPoMo-25 where we listen to more phone messages. While my friend Dan makes arrangements to dramatically downsize, George W. Bush is elected president.

The Machine – NaPodPoMo-024

The reason my voicemail is often full isn’t because I’m a super busy person in high demand. It’s because I don’t like to delete my messages until I’ve had a chance to archive them.