Vocal Exercises and Voice Health

Here’s a link to resources Mira Kehoe uses for her voice classes. For my purposes, below I’ve arranged relevant material in addition to some other resources shared with students.

Vocal Warm-up Exercises

Breathing Exercises

Breathing exercises are an essential start to any vocal warm-up; they organize the breathing muscles, extend the capacity of the voice and give a sense of the breath very deep inside the body.

Resonance Exercises

To achieve the feeling that the actors are speaking using their whole body, humming exercises are used to develop the voice’s resonance.

Opening Up the Voice

  • Opening Up the Voice – National Theater Discovery (YouTube)
    After working on breathing and resonance, Jeannette gets the actors to do some stretching exercises to open their ribs up, and yawning to open up the throat.
  • Articulation Exercises


    Vocal Health

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