Where are we?

Thanks for playing!

Thanks for playing Where are we? To claim your penny, let me know where to send it. I’ll send one lucky penny to the first 20 people who claim one by September 30, 2017. These are genuine lucky pennies, collected from the streets in Minneapolis-St. Paul and they’re guaranteed to bring you…

Okay. Truth.

My plan is to get the coins out of a ceramic pig in my kitchen. Still! A ceramic pig overlooking the cooks? Guarding those pennies for years? How does that not spell lucky?

I realize that it is no small thing to trust a person with your address. So thank you for setting aside any misgivings in the name of fun. I think you’re going to like getting some mail. Not a bill. Not a pizza flyer. A letter with a stamp.

I will not share your contact information with anyone. I’ll will not SPAM you or otherwise use the information you provide in a way that would naturally bug a person. If in the unlikely event that I get it wrong, let me know and corrections will be made.



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