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QuOTeD Podcast Episodes

50 Ways to Leave a Message

There may be 50 ways to leave a message, but is anyone listening? Audio Sources 2019 Twin Cities Book Festival Cassette tapes recorded at the door of the House of Balls. Thank you to Allen Christian for loaning the tapes to me and to Mary Jane LaVigne for making the suggestion in the first place. Unrepentant, by Johanna Prindiville Bethany Atazadeh’s YouTube Channel for authors, specifically: Atazadeh, Bethany. (2019, July). Why We Wrote Marketing for Authors | Release Day Feels. Retrieved from Atazadeh, Bethany. (2019, June). How Much Money Do (Indie) Authors Make?. Retrieved from Artists we met…

Surviving the Apocalypse

We begin with writer Michael Kleber-Diggs who contemplates whether he would ever be chosen for a survival team and end up at the doorstep of Mary Jane LaVigne and Allen Christian’s House of Balls, an art studio on the West Bank in Minneapolis. In between, there is a memorial service and everything you need to survive the apocalypse. Michael Kleber-Diggs We first heard Michael Kleber-Diggs at Story Club Minneapolis (find them on Facebook) at the Bryant Lake Bowl in Minneapolis. At the time I was working on an episode about “stuff” and thought the essay he presented – “Disaster Plan”…

Winning the Lottery

A compilation of a podcast series Brian and I did for the Minnesota Fringe Festival, this episode looks at why we tell stories and how they can be elevated in a live performance. You can listen to the original series, The Minnesota FringeCast, at You can’t win if you don’t enter. The Minnesota Fringe Festival is a performing arts festival in Minneapolis and Saint Paul where you can see a crazy number of shows over eleven days in August. As an artist putting up a show, you’ll get to do your show five times with the support of Fringe…

To Persist

These are stories of persistence: A single mother who is trying to get some help. Campaigners who don’t know when to quit. A fight against segregation. Cafeteria workers who are trying to get the attention of management. A student who won’t take no for an answer. A Senator who won’t say yes. What’s amazing is that all of these stories about persistence intersect over time and space. Thanks for Listening! Let me know what you think about this! You are always welcome to contact me here. transcript This episode called for a transcript because some of the oral history tapes…

Make, model, year of your first car?

If you ask someone about their first car, they’ll probably tell you a story. Cars can tell a family history, teach us to deal with adversity and embed themselves into our fondest memories. If we were to make a bingo game out of this we’d find the words tank, yellow, fast, fun and crash on our bingo cards among other themes. What was your first car? Whenever I mentioned working on this episode, people often couldn’t resist telling me what their first car was. That’s when I know I have a decent question. I’m always looking for questions where an…

What does it mean to be grounded?

What are the barriers to being grounded in a culture filled with distractions and how can we separate the signal from the noise to get grounded?

Being grounded means that you’re self-aware, don’t put on personas, are down-to-earth and solid but open and probably kind. You have confidence (but you’re not cocky), which means that you’re not prone to taking things personally. You’re comfortable with making meaningful decisions because you have figured out how to separate the signal from the noise; being grounded means that you focus on the important stuff.