Helping Podcasts You Like

The fact that you’ve taken the time to listen to a podcast is already enough. You don’t need to do anything else. Just enjoy the show! If you do want to make the extra effort to show appreciation for a podcast that you particularly want to encourage, here are typical ways you can support a show.

  • Contact the host! It’s always nice to hear from listeners.
  • Share it – Word of mouth is a major way that a podcast can grow. Appropriately sharing an episode can be a big help. Most podcast applications make it easy to share an episode. Or visit the podcast website for ways to do this.
  • Subscribe to the show – This can give the podcast a boost in the rankings and make it easier for people to find the show. If you are an iOS user (iphone, ipad), subscribing using the Apple Podcasts/iTunes application can be especially helpful.
  • Interact with the host on social media – If social media is your thing, you can often follow a podcast there.
  • Donate money – Some podcasts have options for listeners to donate to the show.