Podcast Directories

We saw that we can find podcasts using a generic search engine such as Google. There are also search engines that are made specifically for finding podcasts. Some of them are listed below. We can use our web browser to view these sample directories. In addition to helping us find podcasts, notice which directories also offer a way to manage podcast subscriptions. We’ll talk more about subscriptions later.

Note: While Apple Podcasts (formally iTunes) is a popular application for iOS devices, it is not listed below because it doesn’t have a good web version. We’ll touch on Apple Podcasts when we cover podcast applications for your mobile device.

Note: Not every podcast is in every directory. So different directories can generate different search results.

[row cols_nr=”2″][col size=”5″][/col][col size=”7″]ListenNotes is quickly becoming one of my favorite directories. I like it because it indexes entire show notes of a podcast, instead of just the title of an episode. This helped me find podcast episodes about the SR-71 aircraft for my dad.


[row cols_nr=”2″][col size=”5″][/col][col size=”7″]People have noted that Overcast is appealing partly because of it’s clean look. The web version syncs with your mobile device.


[row cols_nr=”2″][col size=”5″][/col][col size=”7″]What I like about the Blubrry podcast directory is that the search results include many of the popular subscription options. This is good for podcasters.


[row cols_nr=”2″][col size=”5″][/col][col size=”7″]National Public Radio Podcasts – We already talked about how institutions and major radio stations can be producers of podcasts. If they make a lot of them, as NPR does, it would make sense that they would have a searchable website. It also appears that the search engine does a full text search, as opposed to just looking at show titles. So if you heard something on NPR, there’s a chance you can find it here.[/col][/row]